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Save Your Voicemails from your Android or iPhone  to the Voicemail Saver app!

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Welcome to the VoicemailSaver

​We know your loved ones' voicemails are precious and how important business voicemails are.


Save your voicemails forever. Keep them safe. Lost or upgraded to a new phone? No Problem! Just download the voicemail Saver app onto your new phone, sign in and your voicemails are there!​

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How to save Voicemails from your iPhone

to the Voicemail Saver App

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There are two ways of saving your voicemails. The first is using Visual Voicemail and the second is by calling in to hear your voicemails. 

To save your voicemails using Visual Voicemail go to your Visual Voicemail and long press on a voicemail, then click "Forward to" or "Share to", look for the Voicemail Saver Icon and click it, name your voicemail and slick SEND. Your voicemail is saved to the Voicemail saver.

The second way is if you have to DIAL in to hear your voicemails. First go to your phone's SETTINGS, click ASSESIBILITY, then click INSTALLED SERVICES, then click VOICEMAILSAVER RECORDER and toggle it on. Now call in to hear your voicemails. After the first voicemail plays, HANG UP. A pop-up will show asking your to Name the voicemail. Name it and click Send. The voicemail is now saved onto the Voicemail Saver!

How to save Voicemails from your Android

to the Voicemail Saver App

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