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About Us

When her Dad passed, Diana Zegretti, searched for a way to ease the pain. She kept playing her Dad’s voicemails over and over again on her phone, voicemails he had left her while he was still alive. And she noticed that listening to his voice brought her peace.


But her phone had too many voicemails and the system kept asking her to delete some voicemails to make room for more so she knew she had to do something quick or her Dad’s voicemails would soon be deleted to make room for more.


And so Diana and her partner, Arles Carballo, set out to create the Voicemail Saver, a brilliant idea Diana dreamt of creating…and she did!


“It is patent pending and the only one of its kind,” said Zegretti. “There is no other app out there that saves voicemails. Ours is the only one and now I can save my Dad’s voice forever.”


Diana has a point. Saving your Mom and Dad’s voicemail, or your children’s voicemails and playing them back for them 10 years later is priceless! Saving your business voicemails or saving your ex-husband’s threatening voicemails and playing them in court can be life-saving!


Download the Voicemail Saver today!


Diana Zegretti

Creator of the VoicemailSaver app

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